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    Prevent and Control Herbicide-Resistant Weeds
    May 30, 2023 | Answer Plot
    If you find your herbicides aren’t performing as well as they used to, you may be battling herbicide-resistant weeds. Once you have resistant weeds, it becomes much more challenging and costly to keep fields clean. With a diversified weed control program, you can level up your...
    4 Adjuvant Classes Proven to Help Improve Weed Control
    May 09, 2023 | Answer Plot
    Weed competition can be one of the costliest threats to your crop’s performance. Adding adjuvants to your herbicide tank mix is an effective way to help enhance the performance of your spray application and improve weed control. Here are four adjuvant classes to discuss with...
    Why You Should Consider a Pre-Tassel Fungicide Application
    May 08, 2023 | Answer Plot
    Research shows that fungicide application timing can significantly impact return on investment and, in some situations, two applications can be more profitable than one. So, when should you plan to target your applications, and does a multi-pass fungicide program make...
    Maximize Plant Health at Key Growth Stages
    Apr 25, 2023 | Answer Plot
    Plant health is a lofty term that gets tossed around a lot in agronomic conversations. However, when you have a clear definition and actionable strategies, maximizing plant health becomes a very real and important way to help your crops reach closer to their genetic potential...
    Get a Grip on Crop Protection
    Apr 25, 2023 | Answer Plot
    Choose adjuvants and PGRs backed by research and proven to perform. When choosing adjuvants, how do you know they’ll do the job? The description on the jug? Snazzy marketing? A convincing sales pitch? What about data? In 2023, we may be faced with continued supply constraints...
    4 Tips for Successful Weed Control
    Apr 02, 2023 | Answer Plot
    Spring means planting. But it also means troublesome weeds will be popping up soon. If you haven’t done so already, talk with your local trusted advisor about your weed control strategy for this season. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you formulate a plan to tackle...


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